Facts on Civil War Battles and the Number Killed

Losses in Killed, Wounded, and Missing in Engagements, Etc.,

Where the Total was Five Hundred or more on the side of the Union Troops. Confederate Losses given are generally based on Estimates.

Union Loss.Confederate Loss.
1July 21Bull Run, Va.4811,0111,4602,9521,752
2August 10Wilson's Creek, Mo.2237212911,2351,095
3September 12 to 20Lexington, Mo.421081,6241,774100
4October 21Ball's Bluff, Va.223226445894302
5November 7Belmont, Mo.90173235498966
6February 14 to 16Fort Donelson, Tenn.4461,7351502,33115,067
7March 6 to 8Pea Ridge, Ark.2039721741,3495,200
8March 14New-Berne, N. C.91466557583
9March 23Winchester, Va.10344024567691
10April 6 and 7Shiloh, Tenn.1,7357,8823,95613,57310,699
11May 5Williamsburg, Va.4561,4003722,2281,000
12May 23Front Royal, Va.32122750904
13May 25Winchester, Va.38155711904
14May 31 to June 1Seven Pines and Fair Oaks, Va.8903,6271,2225,7397,997
15June 8Cross Keys, Va.125500625287
16June 9Fort Republic, Va.673615741,002657
17June 16Secessionville, James Island, S. C.85472128685204
18June 25Oak Grove, Va.5140164516541
19June 26 to July 1Seven days' retreat; includes Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mills, Chickahominy, Peach Orchard, Savage Station, Charles City Cross Roads, and Malvern Hill1,5827,7095,95815,24917,583
20July 13Murfreesboro', Tenn.3362800895150
21August 8Cedar Mountain, Va.4506602901,4001,307
22July 20 to September 20Guerrilla campaign in Missouri; includes Porter's and Poindexter's Guerrillas771563475802,866
23August 28 and 29Groveton and Gainesville, Va.7,0007,000
24August 30Bull Run, Va. (2d)8004,0003,0007,8003,700
25August 30Richmond Ky.2007004,0004,900750
26September 1Chantilly, Va.1,300800
27September 12 to 15Harper's Ferry, Va.8012011,58311,783500
28September 14Turner's and Crampton's Gaps, South Mountain, Md.4431,806762,3254,343
29September 14 to 16Munfordsville Ky.503,5663,616714
30September 17Antietam, Md.2,0109,4161,04312,46925,899
31September 19 to 20Iuka, Miss.144598407821,516
32October 3 and 4Corinth, Miss.3151,8122322,35914,221
33October 5Big Hatchie River, Miss.500400
34October 8Perryville, Ky.9162,9434894,3487,000
35December 7Prairie Grove, Ark.1677981831,1481,500
36December 7Hartsville, Tenn.551,8001,855149
37December 12 to 18Foster's expedition to Goldsboro', N.C.904789577739
38December 13Fredericksburg, Va.1,1809,0282,14512,3534,576
39December 20Holly Springs, Miss.1,0001,000
40December 27Elizabethtown, Ky.500500
41December 28 and 29Chickasaw Bayou, Vicksburg, Miss.1919827561,929207
42Dec. 31, 1862, to Jan. 2, 1863Stone's River, Tenn.1,5337,2452,80011,57825,560
43January 1Galveston, Texas60060050
44January 11Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post, Ark.129831179775,500
45March 4 and 5Thompson's Station, Tenn.1003001,3061,706600
46April 27 to May 3Streight's raid from Tuscumbia, Ala., to Rome, Ga.12691,4661,547
47May 1Port Gibson, Miss.13071858531,650
48May 1 to 4Chancellorsville, Va.1,5129,5185,00016,03012,281
49May 16Champion Mills, Miss.4261,8421892,4574,300
50May 18 to July 4Siege of Vicksburg, Miss.5453,6883034,53631,277
51May 27 to July 9Siege of Port Hudson, La.5002,5003,0007,208
52June 6 to 8Milliken's Bend, La.154223115492725
53June 9Beverly Ford and Brandy Station, Va.500700
54June 13 to 15Winchester, Va.3,0003,000850
55June 23 to 30Rosecrans' campaign from Murfreesboro' to Tullahoma, Tenn.85462135601,634
56July 1 to 3Gettysburg, Pa.2,83413,7096,64323,18631,621
57July 9 to 16Jackson, Miss.1008001001,0001,339
58July 18Second assault on Fort Wagner, S. C1,500174[68]
59September 19 to 20Chickamauga, Ga.1,6449,2624,94515,85117,804
60November 3Grand Coteau, La.26124576726445
61November 6Rogersville, Tenn.51265066730
62November 23 to 25Chattanooga, Tenn.; includes Orchard Knob, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge.7574,5293305,6168,684
63November 26 to 28Operations at Mine Run, Va.100400500500
64December 14Bean's Station, Tenn.700900
65February 20Olustee, Fla.1931,1754601,828500
66April 8Sabine Cross Roads, La.2009001,8002,9001,500
67April 9Pleasant Hills, La.1007003001,1002,000
68April 12Fort Pillow, Tenn.3506016457480
69April 17 to 20Plymouth, N. C.20801,5001,600500
70April 30Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, Ark.2009551,1551,100
71May 5 to 7Wilderness, Va.5,59721,46310,67737,73711,400
72May 5 to 9Rocky Face Ridge, Ga.; includes Tunnel Hill, Mill Creek Gap, Buzzard Roost, Snake Creek Gap, and near Dalton200637837600
73May 8 to 18Spottsylvania Court House, Va.; includes engagements on the Fredericksburg Road, Laurel Hill, and Nye River4,17719,6872,57726,4619,000
74May 9 to 10Swift Creek, Va.90400490500
75May 9 to 10Cloyd's Mountain and New River Bridge, Va.12658534745900
76May 12 to 16Fort Darling, Drewry's Bluff, Va.4222,3802103,0122,500
77May 13 to 16Resaca, Ga.6002,1472,7472,800
78May 15New Market, Va.120560240920405
79May 16 to 30Bermuda Hundred, Va.2001,0001,2003,000
80May 23 to 27North Anna River, Va.2231,4602901,9732,000
81May 25 to June 4Dallas, Ga.2,4003,000
82June 1 to 12Cold Harbor, Va.1,90510,5702,45614,9311,700
83June 5Piedmont, Va.1306507802,970
84June 9 to 30Kenesaw Mountain, Ga.; includes Pine Mountain, Pine Knob, Golgotha, Culp's House, general assault, June 27th: McAfee's Cross Roads, Lattemore's Mills and Powder Springs1,3706,5008008,6704,600
85June 10Brice's Cross Roads, near Guntown, Miss.2233941,6232,240606
86June 10Kellar's Bridge, Licking River, Ky.1354700767
87June 11 and 12Trevellian Station, Central Railroad, Va.85490160735370
88June 15 to 19Petersburg, Va.; includes Baylor's Farm, Walthal, and Weir Bottom Church1,2987,4741,81410,586
89June 17 and 18Lynchburg, Va.100500400700200
90June 20 to 30Trenches in front of Petersburg, Va.1125068001,418
91June 22 to 30Wilson's raid on the Weldon Railroad, Va.762657001,041300
92June 22 and 23Weldon Railroad, Va.6042,4942,2175,315500
93June 27Kenesaw Mountain, general assault. See No. 2,3453,000608
94July 1 to 31Front of Petersburg, Va.; losses at the Crater and Deep Bottom not included4192,0761,2003,695
95July 6 to 10Chattahoochee River, Ga.80450200730600
96July 9Monocacy, Md.905791,2901,959400
97July 13 to 15Tupelo, Miss.; includes Harrisburg and Old Town Creek85563648700
98July 20Peach Tree Creek, Ga.3001,4101,7104,796
99July 22Atlanta, Ga.; Hood's first sortie5002,1411,0003,6418,499
100July 24Winchester, Va.1,200600
101July 26 to 31Stoneman's raid to Macon, Ga.1009001,000
102July 26 to 31McCook's raid to Lovejoy Station, Ga.100500600
103July 28Ezra Chapel, Atlanta, Ga.; second sortie.1006007004,642
104July 30Mine explosion at Petersburg, Va.4191,6791,9104,0081,200
105August 1 to 31Trenches before Petersburg, Va.87484571
106August 14 to 18Strawberry Plains, Deep Bottom Run, Va.4001,7551,4003,5551,100
107August 18, 19 & 21Six Mile House, Weldon Railroad, Va.2121,1553,1764,5434,000
108August 21Summit Point, Va.600400
109August 25Ream's Station, Va.1275461,7692,4421,500
110August 31 to September 1Jonesboro', Ga.1,1491,1492,000
111May 5 to September 8Campaign in Northern Georgia, from Chattanooga, Tenn., to Atlanta, Ga.5,28426,1295,78637,199
112September 1 to October 30Trenches before Petersburg, Va.1708228121,8041,000
113September 19Opequan, Winchester, Va.6533,7196184,9905,500
114September 23Athens, Ala.95095030
115September 24 to October 28Price's invasion of Missouri; includes a number of engagements170336506
116September 28 to 30New Market Heights, Va.4002,0292,4292,000
117September 30 to October 1Preble's Farm, Poplar Springs Church, Va.1417881,7562,685900
118October 5Allatoona, Ga.1423522127061,142[69]
119October 19Cedar Creek, Va.5883,5161,8915,9954,200
120October 27Hatcher's Run, South Side Railroad, Va.1561,0476991,9021,000
121October 27 and 28Fair Oaks, near Richmond, Va.1207834001,303451
122November 28Fort Kelly, New Creek, West Va.7007005
123November 30Franklin, Tenn.1891,0331,1042,3266,252
124November 30Honey Hill, Broad River, S. C.66645711
125December 6 to 9Deveaux's Neck, S. C.39390200629400
126December 15 & 16Nashville, Tenn.4001,7402,14015,000
127January 11Beverly, West Va.520583608
128January 13 to 15Fort Fisher, N. C.184749229552,483
129February 5 to 7Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, Va.2321,0621861,4801,200
130March 8 to 10Wilcox's Bridge, Wise's Fork, N. C.804216001,1011,500
131March 16Averysboro', N. C.77477554865
132March 19 to 21Bentonville, N. C.1911,1682871,6462,825
133March 25Fort Steedman, in front of Petersburg, VA.683375069112,681
134March 25Petersburg, Va.1038642091,176834
135March 26 to April 8Spanish Fort, Ala.100695795552
136March 22 to April 24Wilson's raid from Chickasaw, Ala., to Macon, Ga.; includes a number of engagements99598287258,020
137March 31Boydton and White Oak Roads, Va.1771,1345561,8671,235
138April 1Five Forks, Va.124706548848,500
139April 2Fall of Petersburg, Va.2962,5655003,3613,000
140April 6Sailor's Creek, Va.1661,0141,1807,000
141April 6High Bridge, Appomattox River, Va.10311,0001,041
142April 7Farmville, Va.655
143April 9Fort Blakely, Ala.1135166292,900
144April 9Surrender of Lee26,000
145April 26Johnston surrendered29,924
146May 4Taylor surrendered10,000
147May 10Sam Jones surrendered8,000
148May 11Jeff Thompson surrendered7,454
149May 26Kirby Smith surrendered